I don’t like the long hours (20 weeks working straight).

I’m living in India and cannot grasp the culture; it’s demanding work with no reward and I’m cut off from family, friends and have no social life.

~Worker Living in INDIA

being alone

Okay, well, sometimes we find ourselves having to deal with ourselves…alone…without family, friends or a social network. 

At the end of the day we have to deal with ourselves.

We have to be with ourselves, our thoughts, our interests, our values, our hopes, and our dreams. 

We have to like being with ourselves. 

Call it what you want…living on an island, the dark night of the soul, the valley…whatever…this will NOT last FOREVER. 

When we find ourselves alone without a social life to distract us from how miserable we might be in our work life use this time as a catalyst to truly be introspective. 

No distractions. Work Step 4 to discover your purpose.  You won’t regret it.