My current work conditions are not at all hostile and things could definitely be a lot worse.

My boss and co-workers are pleasant for the most part, and I understand that having good people to work with is half the battle. While these factors are tolerable and even attractive at times, the actual work I am doing is completely opposite of my interests/skills, and I am beyond the point of tolerance to where I can stand it.

I work at a bank as a banker- sales and customer service… and more sales.

When I took the job over a year ago, I thought that the job would be more analytical and research work (which is what my interests are), but no, sales and goals and quarterly quotas.

I am zero percent comfortable with pushing products onto customers and invading their personal lives and overcoming their objections. I personally cannot stand being sold to by a salesman, and that is what my position is.

It has gotten to the point where I have gone two straight quarters of not hitting quarterly sales goals/bonus, and it is because I do not even try any more to make sales or do the outbound calls that I am supposed to make. I cannot stand doing any of that.

My numbers have dropped so badly that the past couple of weeks have consisted of my boss monitoring every conversation I have with customers and making sure I make my calls. I know that he can tell my heart is not there.

I am not happy.

I go to work, I just surf on the internet, boss walks by, I try to look busy, and then back to surfing. I would much rather be at a job where I had actual busy work to do.  I cannot find any motivation to pick up the phone and sell something to someone or upsell products with customers in the branch.

This depressive work state has affected other areas of my life, including my overall mood, my relationship with my girlfriend, and other things.

I just feel worthless, bleak, and unaccomplished from getting no satisfaction out of my job.

I have enough money saved to live comfortably unemployed for 5-6 months, and if I live frugally for close to 9-12 months. I just graduated with my business degree this past May, I am 23, no children, a car payment/rent/phone bill, and a supportive girlfriend of 6 years.

I have a lot of opportunity to find something, because I don’t have a wife or kids to support at this point in time.

Quitting just feels right, but my only fear is what my parents/girlfriend/girlfriend’s parents will think. They may not share my same enthusiasm. And also, what if I do not find anything, and have a huge gap in my employment history? At the same time though, my performance has slipped so badly that it is basically a waiting game before I either quit or end up getting fired. If I continue any more at this rate, I may totally burn the bridge of having this employer as a good reference. I have been actively applying for multiple jobs a day for the past four months, but nothing yet.

We will see what ends up happening.

~Worker Living in MISSOURI

fears and doubts

We have been so conditioned for so long not to be a quitter.

“Just Quit” is not about quitting because we have given up or because we can’t cut it…it’s about letting go of what we know for sure is not going to work for us. 

It might have worked for us at some point, but it’s not working for us now and whatever was working is gone. We know it’s gone. We have checked with our body, mind, soul and spirit and every checkpoint confirms that it is time to leave.

Then what happens? 

We make our plans and we work the Steps.  We know we are ready. 

Then what happens?

Fear and Doubt start their jobs on us.  We can linger right there in Fear and Doubt and miss out on the window of opportunity that was right there for us to make our exit.

Maybe that next door can’t open until you close this one.

Maybe this is a test to see if you can trust yourself. 

We have been conditioned to think that we have to see the open door before we close this one…not always…and especially not if it’s a test for you.

Either you are ready or you are not.  Trust yourself.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

So now you ask…HOW do I release doubt and fear?HERE’S THE ANSWER