I couldn’t imagine giving that company a year of my life so I quit at the 3rd month. It was my first job. 

I’m turning 24 at the end of the year and I collected a good amount of money (around 6 thousand dollars).  I was really good at it but it didn’t feel right.  The goals of the company didn’t even come close to match my moral standards; it was like slowly selling your soul to the devil.

Anyway I made the decision at the 45th day of my 90 days working there. 

My team-leader called me in for a 1-on-1 meeting.  I got there and he was telling me how good I was and how I can grow with the company.  That’s when I told him I wanted to quit. At that moment he gave that wise older guy speech about how stupid this decision is THEN he asked me why.

I simply told him the truth. I just didn’t feel like I belonged in there. Deep down I know I deserve better (a better mental and physical atmosphere).  I don’t care about the pay as long as I have a place to live, clothes on my back and food to eat. He didn’t have a good reply and started to talk in procedural language.  I shook his hand and told him it was an honor to work with them and I walked out.

To make a long story short I planned ahead, but even if my plan isn’t 100% successful I wouldn’t have quit if it didn’t FEEL right.

~Worker Living in KUWAIT

Having a Plan

Today, if I am miserable in my job and feel like I am “slowly selling my soul to the devil” I will go back to the “Just Quit” Steps and start planning if I have not done so already.

If I have created my plan then I will work my plan.

Even if I don’t believe that the plan will work 100% the way I envision it to work, I will work the plan.

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