I’m not professionally happy and feel undervalued in my current role.

My job no longer motivates me to work hard and contribute 100%.

I also feel burnt out after 15 years of working at high speeds in a high demand environment.

I have a decent bit of money saved up (enough for at least 4-6 months) and feel confident that I can tap my network for consulting opportunities to fill the gap in long- term employment.

~Worker Living in NEW YORK


After you have worked the Steps and the kinks in the plan then it’s time to take the “Just Quit” Step…it feels strange…even when you know-that-you-know AND you are prepared…it still feels strange. 

You can’t believe you are actually going to do it.

It’s like skydiving. You know you’re going to land somewhere you just don’t know where, when or how. (Don’t let that example scare you).

You’re so use to knowing where you are going to land before you leave a place.  You don’t know this time because there is no job to go to.

You are not getting laid off. This is a decision you are making, but it is a decision you are prepared to make. You have saved enough money and here you are at the jumping off point. 

There is all this opportunity. 

There is all this possibility.

It’s wide-open for you.

You just have to take that final Step and fly into your future.