I can’t stand the job description. I totally regret taking up this job.

I hate the daily MIS I need to send out every day. To make things worse, I’m very bad at Excel, thus I take a lot of time to do it and it’s very stressful.  All the sales people and bosses are waiting to see the daily MIS every day and it has to be sent out before lunch time. Worst of all, the figures MUST tally, if not I have to re-calculate it all over again. Other than MIS, the rest of my job duties are extremely administrative.

It makes me feel like I was very useless, even being a degree holder.

~Worker Living in SINGAPORE


Sometimes we just know when we are not well-suited for our jobs; especially if there is a daily task that we have to do and we aren’t good at it and don’t want to do it. 

We just need to admit that we don’t like doing that daily task and ask ourselves if we CAN ever enjoy doing it.

Otherwise what is the point of day-after-day doing things we don’t enjoy and aren’t good at?

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