I’m tired of working for a place that doesn’t care about its’ employees.  They treat us like we are just cogs in the wheel, easily disposable and replaced. 

I’m tired of standing up all night on a midnight shift.

I’m tired of inhaling smoke and dealing with mean and rude customers.

I’m tired of not doing anything with meaning and purpose. 

I have a bachelor’s degree and don’t feel I should be a cashier at a casino.

This job doesn’t even pay all of my bills yet.  I travel 45 minutes away from my house to only pay half of my bills, so there is a lot of stress around not having enough money.

~Worker Living in ILLINOIS

It is okay to be tired.

Actually it’s more than okay to be tired.sick and tired

Until we get so “tired” of this and that we will stay stuck denying there is a problem.

  • We won’t change.

  • We won’t make the preparations to “Just Quit”.

  • We won’t take action and move forward.

“Tired” helps you to decide on a better way of life and take actions to move towards your reason for being.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live