I’m planning to move to another state and landing a job is taking longer than expected.

I really dislike the nature of my current job. Most of my co-workers are great and have become good friends, but the nature of the work makes me hate my life.

In addition, busy season is coming up (I’m a public accountant) and I want to get out before it hits. This is because I obviously hate busy season even more, but I also want to give my bosses time to reschedule people in my absence.

~Worker Living in COLORADO

Life is an Echo

Although we know we are miserable, and are actively planning our exits, we can still be responsible.

We might hate what we are doing on this job; but we can still be respectful to our employers, co-workers and clients.

We can give proper notice and leave at a down-time.

We can be responsible when we “Just Quit”.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live