A year after a former employer was acquired and a merger is complete, I have realized that these are just not “my people”. They do not do anything that I am proud of.

They do not “make” anything, only manipulate information. The subject matter bores me. My mind goes to a beach on an island or a hiking trail in the mountain within the first 30 seconds of every meeting.

I disagree with leaders in their approach in some aspects of business.

I am now behind the scenes, and client contact is what I always enjoyed, but the types of positions available are not what I was accustomed to in my former life.

I hate my work environment. Everybody works in the dark. It’s a dungeon and they seem to like it.

Sh*t rolls downhill, and it all collects in my department.

Worker Living In Florida

This is a plaque I made after reading this poll entry...

This is a plaque I made after reading this poll entry…

Sometimes all you have to do is find your tribe. 

Find the people you want to work with.

If you know that “these are just not my people” then it is a step in the right direction. Knowing that helps you find your tribe…your people…people that will help you fulfill your life’s work and vice versa.

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