I dread waking up every morning and going to work.

Sunday nights are extremely depressing.

There hasn’t been any growth for me in more than a year.

I don’t get along with my boss.

I hate sitting in a cubicle.I hate crouching over a computer.I hate sitting under fluorescent lights.

I hate that my life is neglected because I have to go to work somewhere else and give all of my time and energy to a cause I no longer believe in.

~Worker Living in California


Our energy and our essence belongs to us. 

We can exchange our time for a salary, but our energy is ours. 

You can work on a project, or work retail, or fast food for that matter and give your time, mind and hands; but there is a life force that belongs to you. 

Today and everyday carve out time to focus on the energy that flows through your body.  If you feel it is depleted…ask for more energy.  There is an abundant supply of energy that comes from a Source outside of us.

Just ask: “Please give me an abundant supply of life force energy today.  I need it today to flow through my body and help me work on or towards causes that I believe in. Show me what I need to do to get more energy.”