The treatment from management and “leadership” isn’t fair and the demands are ridiculous. Especially being a commission paid employee.

~Worker Living in Missouri


Oh how crazy it feels to work in a place where there are “false urgencies”. 

Everything is due today. No…it’s due in an hour. Where is that e-mail? Did you get the report done? I need that PowerPoint Deck now! 

It’s exasperating when you KNOW that none of it is really important.   A month from now, a year from now and definitely five years from now NONE of this will matter. So…because we know this continue to bear the ridiculous demands from management for now. 

Take note and VOW that if or when you are in position of power NEVER to create “false urgencies” for your people.  Do not EVER forget how you feel under this unnecessary and undue pressure…never forget. Put a smile on your face today as you carry out these ridiculous demands. It will confuse them.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live