My body is on fire every day and I can feel my pulse in my neck.

I feel like crying every day.

I’m unappreciated.

I’m cranky.

I hate doing night shifts.

I look ten years older than I actually am.

I put on 20kg while on the job and have developed severe flat feet.

I can’t stand my Filipino co-workers they’re so scheming and cheap. Everyone is cranky at work.

I eat more than I should to justify the effort I put in.


the dark

We are in jobs that are stressing us out.

By now either we know how this stress is manifesting in our bodies or we don’t know. If we don’t know; then we need to start paying attention to how our bodies feel.

Maybe you are losing weight, gaining weight, feel the heated sensation, have panic attacks, eye twitches, etc.  It’s different for each of us.

We need to make it through the day, this day. One way is to close your eyes. 

Don’t just close your eyes when you are sitting down or sleeping.  Close your eyes as you do a routine task…brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating, typing…it will instantly change your perspective. 

We have five senses, but our sight usually takes over all the others.  When you close your eyes you begin to feel, taste, hear and smell everything more clearly.

You will be more in tune with your body and how stress is manifesting itself in your body. You will also instantly be more grateful that you CAN open your eyes and see this day, drive your car, wash the dishes, read the report, or read an email.

Closing our eyes helps us become open to the present moment and be in our bodies.

Today, close your eyes. It will help you see what you need to do.