I have been off work from anxiety disorder and depression since July. I believe that the current (and continuing) environment is toxic and triggers my sensitivities to both disorders.

I have been on medication and to therapy since – I have the option to go back in January. However as much as I think I have changed, I don’t think that environment has improved.

While I think I could go back and handle the work, I think I would be very unhappy and it would start to deteriorate all the work I have put into my mental health over the past few months. In the meantime it’s holding me back from moving on and making plans for the future.

I could make it work at this job, but it would be a day to day struggle and I would have to work hard on how to manage the issues I have.

I would rather put that hard work and effort towards something more positive – toward furthering my abilities and career.

~Worker Living in CANADA


Today, just know that there are options. 

We can come up with options for our problems with this job.

If we need to get help then we need to get help. 

Sometimes just knowing that we can get help, helps.

Reach out today if you need to get professional help to deal with your anxiety or depression. Somebody cares.  Somebody cares about you and what you are going through.


If you are thinking suicidal thoughts today because of your job tell somebody. Ask them to listen to you. Tell them you are struggling right now and just need to know that someone cares. There is a program called QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) for people to help those who are suffering.  Your family may not know to outright ASK you the question…ARE YOUR THINKING ABOUT SUICIDE?  Consider this someone asking you the question.  Are You Thinking About Suicide Because Of Your Job?  If the answer is YES please tell someone, or call the Suicide Hotline in your country.

You will make it through this time. You will.  You will find a work situation that is right for you. Please talk to someone and get help so that your story continues and you can continue to contribute your essence to the universe.