I’m working for a narcissist. His sarcastic, rude comments are more than I can bear anymore. He repulses me.

I am depressed from having to deal with this individual.

I too have looked for another job without success.

I feel stuck and I want to “Just Quit”.

~Worker Living in Arkansas

Hope not fearsWhen we work for people who we know are mentally ill it can be a challenge. It IS a challenge. We have to second guess our every move and endure needless verbal abuse…for what…a paycheck, health benefits, a job? 

We all know that everything changes, because it does. Eventually this situation will change as well. Although it might seem unbearable; it is bearable. It will change.

Until it changes we have to DECIDE what we can do to deal with it, with our boss and with this job. Remember we can DECIDE.  We have choices. We have to actively seek them out and we have to start taking actions.   

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live