1)I am completely and utterly miserable in my corporate marketing job – this is the big reason! 

2) My boyfriend and I have talked about it and can make it work. I will take some time off, head out west to visit some places where I could see us relocating when he finishes his dermatology residency. He can’t wait to move! I’m more hesitant but this is a great time in my life to take some time away from the corporate grind and look to our future.

3) I am a miser and have saved every penny for several years. AKA I have a healthy savings – and my boyfriend will cover our rent while I am “in transition”.

4) I also have considered and have begun seeking out temp/short term contract marketing assignments. Just to keep my toe in the professional water – and, oh yeah, some money coming in!

5) Did I mention how unhappy, unchallenged and unfulfilled I am in my current career?!? Yeah, that.

It is ridiculously scary and I can’t believe I am considering making this a reality, BUT, there is also something very liberating and exciting about it too.

Big risks = big rewards, right?

~Worker Living in OHIO

taking risks

“Just Quit” is taking a risk. 

Things might not work out the way you planned, but guess what? Things aren’t working out now.

Living our lives to the fullest is going to require that we take calculated risks. 

If you have a plan, if you have a plausible plan, this can all work out. 

You might actually wake up and WANT to get out of bed.  You might be excited about your day.  But you cannot get to the big rewards, or the light at the end of the tunnel, until you go through the transition.  You have to transition from your current job to your new pursuit. 

You can do it. You can.