I am in a new job and something is disturbing me. I am not getting sleep :-(. I am very confused on if I want to continue this job and just how long I can continue this. 

I want a change in my career path, but I’m not sure how to go about that :-).

~Worker Living in CALIFORNIA

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Find Your Calling

How is it that we go ALL the way through high school, some of us finish college, graduate school and have professional certifications, but we STILL don’t know how to find our career path?  How did that happen? Really, how many people do you know who are doing work that they LOVE?  It’s not many people.  These people are not the norm.

How do we “go about” finding our career path? 

We HAVE to start by looking within.  We will not be looking for a “job” but for our “calling”.  The career path is not about a career at all, it’s about what we were brought here to do. Our rightful work. You, me, we… are all here to DO something that only you, me, we can DO. 

It is our “job” to figure out what that is.

Today, ask:  “What am I being called to do?”  Just keep asking that over and over and over again.  If you keep asking… the universe will answer.  Stay open to the answer coming from seemingly “strange” places…a street sign, a book, an overheard conversation, watching the sky, listening to the birds, listening to the ocean and waves…just stay open…the universe is big and it’s beautiful.  Everything in the universe is ROUTING for you to find your calling and life’s work.