I’m overwhelmed with work, school and interning.

My boss is the worst.  She makes harassing Facebook posts about her employees.  She doesn’t focus on important things (Overtime, emergencies, turnover rate). She is condescending and overly demanding.

~Worker Living in MICHIGAN  

change your focus

It doesn’t matter how many training classes or personality assessments that someone takes; if you don’t want to be an effective boss or employee then you won’t be. 

Some bosses and employees CAN’T focus on what matters so they major in the minors.  They can only move the pebbles and not the boulders.  It can be frustrating to watch it happen, especially when you can see what needs to be done.

If you are working in a place and you know that management doesn’t get it and they don’t WANT to get it, then you need to start focusing on yourself and your next move.  You need to focus on the majors in YOUR life and career. 

You need to realize that complaining and hoping and wishing things are going to change on this job maybe a complete waste of your time. Change your focus.  Change your life.