This is not what I was looking for. 

I’m not learning and it’s not what I have in mind for my career.

I have a job and it pays and I still have something to do each day when I show up here, but I am not inspired. I’m not learning and I’m under-performing.

It’s just a sad place to be each day.

~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

making you happy

There are only a few universal emotions that everyone experiences: happiness, joy, surprise, anger, fear and sadness. 

From time to time we all feel sad. That’s okay.  It is not however okay when we feel sad every day or almost every day.  It is not okay if we don’t remember the last time we felt joy or happiness.  It’s not okay.  We are not fully living if we are not experiencing the full range of emotions.

Today, ask yourself how you feel and try to make sure you are aware of your feelings and have honest access to the full range of emotions.

You deserve to feel joy and happiness. These too are universal emotions and you should want to experience them on a daily basis.