I drive 120 miles a day round trip. I dread every mile.

I get quilted out of taking my lunch breaks on a near daily basis.

I feel sick with dread and stress and truly fear for my health.

The money doesn’t justify the expense of my commute and child care costs. 

~Worker Living in GEORGIA

Fear Requires Action

Dread and stress are a terrible combination but they go together like a hand and glove.

Dread is just another word for fear.  Fear will keep us small. Fear will keep us driving 120 miles round trip.  Fear will keep us feeling guilty.

We have to face our fears.  We do. 

We have to stand up to them like standing up to a bully.  Stare our fears down.  Name them.  What exactly are we afraid of? Losing our jobs (we hate)…not having money to pay our bills…being without a job for a period of time…feeling like a failure…no longer having an identity because we don’t have a job title…

Today, just take the time to write down and name what you are afraid of AND then meditate on each one of those fears.  Play them out in your mind. Just totally allow yourself to play those fears out. 

Here is what you will find and figure out…fear is just another emotion.  If you want to take control of your life then you are going to have to learn to face your fears and be FEARLESS.