My boss is being an absolute tyrant towards me.

He pinpoints every mistake that I make. And when my only other colleague does the same mistakes he just shrugs it off and makes no big deal out of it.

He is always arrowing at me. He’s an absolutely bad leader who doesn’t know how to manage his subordinates well and his words are cut-throat. This is the last straw for me.

I’ve finally put on the calendar my QUIT DAY.

~Worker Living in SINGAPORE

Just Quit Date

Are we there yet?

Have we taken Step 8 and marked our calendars with our “Just Quit” date?

It can be as far out as you need for it to be, but it needs to be a commitment.

It’s almost like you are your own boss and you’ve decided that you need to lay yourself off.

If you have gone through all the “Just Quit” Steps then you’ll have at least six months of money saved or have access to enough funds.  You’ll be able to eat and pay all your bills for the next six months, just like you were getting unemployment funds.

What’s the difference other than YOU made the decision?

Just imagine that you are SO prepared and SURE of your decision that you are happy and excited as you count down the days on the calendar.

You have a plan for what you will do after you “Just Quit”.  You don’t know exactly how your plan will work out, or when it will work out, but you KNOW it WILL work out.

This is NOT a joke, it can be a reality.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live