I need to quit to keep my sanity. I am so stressed that I can’t focus.

I hate getting up in the morning to go to work, but tell myself “I have to pay the mortgage!”

I used to like what I do but now I don’t care anymore. I don’t like feeling like this. I’m getting close to retirement and I want to find something I’ll enjoy doing again – an “encore career” –  that has meaning, but I’m afraid that I’ll slip into poverty over time.

~Worker Living in NEW YORK

Follow Your Bliss Doors

How did it happen where the choice is to pay the mortgage vs. a career with meaning? How and when did this happen?

We can do both.  We can have a career that has meaning to us AND pay the mortgage. It takes some planning but we can make it happen.

“This” is our job…to find our life’s work… our reason for being here on planet earth…and it is NOT to get a paycheck to pay the mortgage.

If we actively pursue our life’s work –  WITHOUT FEAR  – the universe will actively work with us to make the connections.  Doors will open.  Doors WILL open.