I feel like I am in an unsafe environment. There is no plumbing or heating at my job, I have found out that the company I work for has been sued over eight times in the past five years, and that I am working for a con-artist.

My work environment is abusive and there is constant workplace bullying. People play mind-games with me and never shoot straight: One minute I’m doing good, the next minute I’m doing terribly.

My boss is a psychopath with violent tendencies and I feel terrified around him. His office has a weird aura and he humiliates me in front of other coworkers. I’m now starting to realize that I haven’t been getting any real training this whole time. I don’t know who to trust in this environment and I feel trapped. This job was never about the money for me, but now I’m starting to realize even money wise, this job has become an expense, both mentally and financially and it is not worth it.

I feel like I have been conned into working here because these people knew I was overqualified.

~Worker Living in NEW YORK

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Today, count your lucky stars if you have never experienced working for a shadow company or a con-artist boss.  If you have had this experience then you can sympathize with those who are in that type of work situation.

It’s difficult, especially once you realize it and your eyes are open.  Then…you have to decide…to stay or to go.  To help you make the decision sometimes you have to remove yourself from the situation and pretend like it is someone else experiencing it. 

If your child were in your shoes, as a parent, what would you advise them to do?  If you were to sit down with a beloved grandparent (dead or alive) could you be proud of where you work, who you work for and what you do…without fibbing just a little about the situation?