In the realistic and financial scheme of things, I have the luxury to just walk away from this job because I have no obligations nor do I pay any bills.

In the emotional and meaningful scheme of things, I have no desire to work for, make better, or help this company PERIOD. The attitudes and points of view of my uppers are never going to change, so the retail side will NEVER change = Nothing will progress or be bettered. I have a problem “sticking it out” with a company that has no REAL future.

My work is not challenging. It’s not like what I had imagined. My boss is obsessed with putting me in the front lines, memorizing recipes and making drinks better than the store managers, but that’s not REALLY my role. (I wonder if this happens with other companies).

Lastly, my boss is the devil himself reincarnated onto Earth. He is the most negative and self- absorbed person I have ever met in my life. He has the ability to make me feel sick and want to stab myself in the eye with a dull pencil at the same time. No one has ever had that effect on me. Because of his negativity, the work environment is just CRAP. It’s toxic, at best.

It is past the point of trying to “make the best” of my situation. There really is no making it better — it is what it is and I refuse to settle for that. I do not ever want to settle for misery. I am passionate, young, a hard worker, and INTELLIGENT. I expect to be utilized, for my work to be meaningful, and for the job environment to be nurturing or at least bearable at the very least.

~Worker Living in CALIFORNIA

passion paycheck

Times are changing. The sooner organizations realize that there is a generation of workers that are in the workforce who: “refuse to settle” or “make the best of it” or “stick it out” in jobs that are not fulfilling or where they feel abused; then the sooner workplaces will be places of productivity.

It is time for organizations to wake up. 

If you are a business owner or responsible for recruiting and hiring talent then be aware that your BEST talent is walking out the door. They might not be walking out the door to another “job”, but to a freelance opportunity or to start their own company.  Maybe it’s something that is so creative it will disrupt your industry.

Talent is walking because they don’t HAVE to take it anymore. 

If you are one of these young and talented workers and you KNOW it, then it’s time to act. Don’t look back. The old models of work are broken.  You don’t have to continue to stay stuck in a dead-end job working for a jerk. There are plenty of other opportunities for you.  Not only are future generations counting on you, but your parent’s generation is as well. It is your generation that is bringing forth a new way to show how it is possible for everyone to pursue their passions and still make a profit. 

These are exciting times in the world of work.    

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live