Retail drains me! It isn’t a career; it’s merely a survival job.

I’ve had enough of rude management, rude associates and most of all rude customers.

The only thing that is good is that I get paid weekly. Otherwise, there’s no reason for me to stay since there are mostly cons: I’m physically sore in my hips. Sometimes my feet really get wrecked. Stupid, juvenile coworkers who mainly live on the Southside. They need this job because they have kids or a man they gotta take care of (another kid!).

Subpar training. You’re expected to know everything when they themselves don’t know sh*t. Monotonous, boring work. Saying and doing the same things all the time with no real excitement. Being phony-nice. I USED to be nice. Marshalls changed that. Putting on the phony nice girl act shows how unhappy I really am.

Now I barely get there on time. It’s over.

I’m so miserable at my job, it’s affecting my health. I feel trapped and stagnant and KNOW this is not how my life is supposed to be.

~Worker Living in NEW YORK

Look up the Etymology of nice....STOP being "nice".

Look up the Etymology of nice….STOP being “nice”.

There comes a time when we KNOW that we need to change. Usually this happens when our misery starts to impact our health.

It doesn’t have to get to this point but when it does we have to get real with ourselves. No more being “phony-nice”. 

We have to take action and do something.  We can live the lives we’ve imagined…we just have to start.