I’m unhappy being in the higher level decision making role with minimal resources to go to.  I feel like I’m left to figure it all out, as well as do my day job and all the other things that need to be done.

I’m tired of financial projects being developed by others and expected to be executed by me. My input is not sought, just ‘do the work’.

I want to find a role where I can be the support person, and make sure things get done for others.

~Worker Living in WISCONSIN


Today, look at YOUR boss with fresh eyes. 

No matter what they have done to you, or how much you might not like them, just look at them and KNOW that they too have problems.  You may never KNOW what those problems are and you might be thinking that you don’t care. After today, you can go back to NOT caring, but for today care about your bosses problems. 

Today, we will say: “My boss has problems too. I don’t know what those problems are, but like me and everyone else that works here the boss just wants to be happy…may my boss be happy.”