I don’t have faith in the leadership at my company.

We are understaffed, people are literally working 70 hours a week. It is taking up to three months to replace open positions. I am not working that much because I don’t want anyone to expect me to do that on a regular basis. I am getting behind because I am not working that much.

I am in a new position and have not had adequate training and everyone is so busy, no one is really available to provide good help and guidance. I am exhausted and stressed out when I am not at work, always thinking about what more I should be doing.

I am having a hard time in the evenings focusing on updating my resume and looking for another job.

I do not have faith in getting any help to make things better. We are all drowning in work and  I have no hope that it will get better soon.

I do not want to work in this industry anymore.

~Worker Living in ARIZONA

process of life

Sometimes we don’t even have hope. 

We just can’t see anything to be hopeful about. 

We don’t see a way out.  All we can see is a messy situation. 


These are lies that our mind keeps repeating over and over again. It is really difficult to break that cycle, but you can break it.

Today, say: “There is hope.  A way will come.  I will quiet my mind long enough to allow peace in.  There is peace available and I need peace of mind to think clearly.”    

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live