I work in a call center in collections and I’m a middle-aged mother of three.  I am not doing very well at my job because I don’t enjoy talking a lot. Every morning before I go to work I have butterflies in my stomach.  Am I going to do a good job or not? I ask myself why I can’t be a multi-tasker just like other people. Taking notes at the same time while I am offering payment options.

I am job hunting and studying part-time. Basically I am a god gifted artist (oil landscapes, sketches, portraits, etc.). I always wonder how can I  make a living out of that profession.

Every evening after work I pray that tonight could be my last day at work, but I don’t have another job, so I don’t quit. Even if I quit will I get benefits? 

By reading your article I felt like this was my story.

~Worker Living In Canada

Use Your Talent

We are all gifted.  We all have gifts.  We either know what those gifts are or we don’t. Life is giving us clues all the time about our unique talents and gifts. Sometimes we make the connection and sometimes we don’t. 

Even when we KNOW our gifts and talents we don’t think we can make a living out of using them.  If we know our gifts and natural talents we need to start using them. 

If you are a “god-gifted artist” then you should do your art. 

If you are a dancer then you should dance. 

If you are a singer then you should sing.

Then we ask; how am I going to support myself doing these things?  Answer:  one painting; one dance and one song at a time…just start using your gifts today.