I quit my job without having another job lined up.

I was asked on multiple occasions to perform task which were illegal and unethical.

This Monday I realized I didn’t need to stay in this organization.

There were intimidation tactics and negativity. I was coached and told that I was too professional, and too positive. I have never heard that in my entire career.

Two of the co-workers were toxic, one was drunk at work, the other one was verbally abusive.

I took power and quit. I have no regrets.

Most people would have said “don’t burn bridges” but what’s to burn if no bridges ever existed.

~Worker Living in IOWA


There is a bridge. 

Finally you can see the bridge.

Some people will never see it, they will stay stuck thinking it’s a cliff when all along there was a bridge to a brighter day.

This job is just one point in your life; you can walk across to the next point in your life. “Don’t burn bridges” use them to get you to your future that is waiting to unfold.