My current job has horrible management where there is favoritism and nepotism.  They come up with the most ridiculous ways to write someone up.

They constantly cut hours so there aren’t enough people around to do the work well enough, and they schedule people outside of their availability. They won’t even work with some people who have to take care of family members or need to work around school. They tell them that they have to find someone to switch with for those hours, even though those people will just have to go back to them to get it approved.

They also recently threatened the new cashiers saying that if they can’t work Thanksgiving/Black Friday, then they can just walk out the door.

They also don’t wanna hire any more people where people are really needed, i.e. CSM’s. One customer service cashier has been trying to become a CSM for over half a year now, but they’ve since hired three other people. One later got fired, and the other two quit. And one of the ones who quit actually wasn’t even working for as long as she should have before she switched departments from Photo Lab into being a CSM. The policy states that you have to work for six months before you can switch. She had just started working for three months at the store in Photo Lab before they switched her to being a CSM. And it turns out that she was the granddaughter of someone who worked for the store for 25 years.

Another thing is that they want you to work weekends. It is so hard for people who go to church to get off on Sunday (myself included), so we tend to miss church a lot, and yet there are people who get off on Sunday just to stay at home. And then there’s some people who get the entire weekend off!

I could go on, but there’s just too much stuff that has been going on for me to type in this box.

~Worker Living in DELAWARE

treat people

Yes, we have workplace laws. 

Yes, we have training for management. 

Yes, we have employee manuals and guidebooks, and on and on and on.

Throw out the laws, all the training, the manuals and the guidebooks and today, treat your employees and your co-workers like you want them to treat you. 

It only seems as though no one is paying attention.  It only seems like people are getting away with workplace abuse…not so…remember everything comes to the light and everything and everyone is connected.

What goes around comes around, so today, treat others the way you want to be treated…or the way you want your children or children’s children to one day be treated…think about it…