I’ve survived in an incredibly difficult and low paying job that’s affecting my health, has left me filled with rage and depression for the past two years, and shows every sign of getting worse.

The people I work for have proven to be distrust-worthy on more than one occasion. They constantly employ bad business ethics and bully anyone who stands up to them. For instance: it is routine to deny minimum wage workers legal overtime pay for many overtime hours worked on a WEEKLY BASIS. I am in a management position, and have tried to curtail these practices with every plea–short of filing a federal wage claim (which I was also bullied about)–to no avail.

My family has pleaded for me to leave this job because it has left me completely isolated, emotionally and physically unwell, beyond stressed, and very angry to be unable to stop corrupt business practices.

Also, did I mention I’m working in the food services industry?

Oh, and I’m also barely making above minimum wage myself.  I’m uncompensated for overtime hours worked, and I’m not allowed my basic benefits or raises at all because apparently “the franchise doesn’t have money”.

I’m also no longer able to work a set schedule, and I’m never allowed to request a day off for illness, family matters, or otherwise, in two years of work–which makes scheduling an interview difficult. 

~Worker Living in Arizona

Happy Monday

You can make decisions that are right for you and right for others. 

You can make decisions that you feel good about. 

You cannot control everything that is happening on this job that is wrong, but you can document it.  If you want to you could take it up as a cause and start a non-profit.  

You can do anything that you put my mind to…can’t you?


This year work your “Just Quit” Plan so that the next 50 Monday’s aren’t like last years 52 Monday’s…enough already….forget feeling stuck and hopeless…PLAN, PLAN, PLAN