I used to really like my job at the local phone company…I started working there in my 20s; great salary, union job with benefits. Over the past 26 years the company has become so corporate with its mergers and micromanaging. The stress is unreasonable and now with the new monitoring equipment, every key stroke is looked at.

Working in an environment that fosters creativity is no longer an option; you are just a number and are never heard. Bottom line is I hate my job. HATE with a passion. 

I leave work and my shoulders are so tight because I feel like I’m always hurrying up to do my job to make my numbers. Customers only matter in as much as the amount of revenue generated.

Corporate America goes against the very fabric of who I am: creative, passionate, and curious. So, I’m quitting!!

I’m giving up all of the financial perks of working there and decided to DO WHAT I LOVE. Life is too short. I’ll be 50 in a few weeks and want to enjoy what I do….I want to be creative….I want to make a difference in the world.

I am seeking employment in the nonprofit business sector and couldn’t be happier.

I feel as though I’m emerging from some hot, sticky, murky pond of goo and dancing toward the sunlight.

Thank you for sharing what you did….funny how we are given surprising gifts in life at just the right time.

~Worker Living in Pennsylvania


dancing towards the sunlight

You too can emerge from the “hot, sticky, murky pond of goo and dance towards the sunlight”.

You might feel stuck, but it’s not cement that you are in – it is goo.

To let come the sunlight you have to let go of what is keeping you stuck in the goo.