I have been looking for another job for the past 5 years.

I have done at least 2-4 interviews a year and still haven’t gotten another job.

I’ve been burnt out from my current job for the past three years (I’ve been at my current job for 9 years).

We recently changed companies and the new management has been hard to deal with. More than 5 managers have left on their own just within the past 5 months.

I try to go in with positivity but it always quickly turns into negativity due to the lack of communication and the style of management.

~Worker Living in South Carolina

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

Do Something Different

We need to listen to the messages that are coming to us. 

We can’t keep doing the same things and hoping and praying for a different result.  If what we have been doing is not working we need to do something different that we haven’t tried before.

  1. Should we be looking for another j-o-b?

  2. Should it be in a different industry?

  3. Should we be at a point we can freelance or consult?

  4. Should we update our interview skills? (Here are some great tips from The Ladders)

If what we have been doing has not been working then we need to switch it up.