I feel trapped in an endless cycle with no end.

~Worker Living in New York

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

feeling trapped

Today, ask yourself if you feel trapped in your job, at your organization, with your team, at the location you work, or working for your boss.

 It’s a yes or no answer –


P.S. (This is for all the people out there looking for a link, or a video, or ANOTHER inspirational quote.)

NOBODY is going to give you the answer to the above question.  Stop looking for other people to figure this out for you.  Stop beating yourself up about the situation you are in.  Stop lying to yourself about it. Just face it. Stare it down.  Look at it.  It is what it is.  Take a good long look at your work situation, because until you face it you’ll STAY stuck for ANOTHER year.

You CAN get un-stuck this year.  You MUST get un-stuck this year. Step-by-Step you can do this.  Yeah YOU can wake up and WANT to JUMP out of bed. Why NOT you?


If you’ve read this far…put your hand over your heart…leave it there until you can feel your heart beating. (It might take a minute to tune in and feel the beating…you might even have to close your eyes to focus in.)

Now, this is your reminder that you are alive.  You are still alive.