I have my own business that cannot thrive or grow without me devoting more time to it. It has gotten to the point where the things that need to be done for my business require more time and more effort. I am so drained from my job during the day, that I lack the energy to want to do anything else. In truth the time is there I am just worn out.

I also no longer enjoy what I do because I am being overwhelmed by too many unrelated job tasks. I feel that now that it is just me and one other person there are 9-5 responsibilities that shouldn’t necessarily be mine, but have become my duty.

I don’t feel that I am good at graphic design and having the pressure of doing something that I don’t think that I am good at is stressful. This isn’t what I signed up for and I have the skill but it’s not an area where I excel, so I feel like the pressure of my work not being good enough.

 My job title is Project Manager but I have no team to manage or assist with anything, everything is on me.

~Worker Living in New Jersey

Say Yes To Yourself

Our first duty is to ourselves.

Today, we will focus on what WE want.