I am stuck in an abusive job.

I love the job itself but my immediate boss is a megalomaniac and sociopath who wants everything done how he would do it, but with the added benefit of shirking accountability for anything that is instigated by him.

He keeps me in hours and hours of useless meetings just to find fault with my hard work which until now was always praised by others.To him, everyone is stupid and useless except him and he verbalizes this frequently.

His boss is so paranoid of losing his job that he doesn’t care how anyone is affected by seemingly arbitrary decisions that invariably affect us negatively. The final straw was a recent demotion for which not a shred of an acceptable rationale was given.

No guidance from either manager, just impossible timelines, expectations and harsh criticism.

~Worker Living in Canada


Today stop struggling to make sense out of why you are stuck in this job.  Struggling to figure out why you are working for your boss.

You know there is a reason. 

You know there is a lesson.

You didn’t do anything to deserve to be stuck here.

You deserve more.

Just be patience because better is on the way for you.