I start to dread Monday morning at 9:30 am Sunday morning.

I’m ill all the time due to the stress.

I’ve not been healthy for over a year.

The job is pointless and there is no satisfaction at all. I’m not appreciated. In fact, I believe I’m being actively encouraged to leave and I’m disliked by my boss.

~Worker Living in the United Kingdom

taking back monday

Monday mornings are the worst.

The absolute worst.

We already know this, so instead of dreading it, just “feel it”.  Feel how HORRIBLE you feel on Sunday’s as you anticipate Monday’s.  What is happening in your body?  What are you thinking?

NOW — how many more Sunday’s and Monday’s are you going to go through this?  When will this end? It’s up to you. Really IT is up to you.

  You can DECIDE to “Just Quit”. You can decide to create a plan to get out of this situation. You can not only ENJOY Monday mornings; but EVERY Monday morning.

It’s a radical thought, but it’s true.