I feel sick every day I go to work and it stops me from doing any other activities that I would like to do. 

Just thinking that after doing that activity; like going to the gym; that I’m still going back to work the next day makes me sick.

I feel like I’m in a corporate prison working as a modern slave to be able to eat, drink and take my 3 weeks’ vacation a year to relax.

I feel extremely stressed. 

While working I don’t seem to have the privilege anymore to deal with the other aspects of my life like family, friends and my health.

~Worker Living in CANADA

free your mind and the rest will follow

Sometimes, some of us feel or have felt like we are a modern-day slave.  We are working at a place, with people, for people that make us sick and miserable.

We feel we have no choice. 

We are going day-by-day like we are prisoners and unable to get out of the work jails we find ourselves locked in.  Basically it’s just a feeling and belief that we are stuck.  We are stuck in a profession we fell into, stuck in an industry we have been in for a while, stuck in an organization we’ve been in a long time… just plain stuck.

If we are feeling like a modern-day slave, in prison or just plain stuck then first we have to admit that is how we feel and DECIDE not just IF we want to change it, but HOW we are going to change it. 

If we have been looking for a job for a year, two, three, even five years and nothing has happened, then we need to do something different.  We need to do some soul-searching and determine WHAT we need to do differently.  Maybe we have to do more than just look for jobs with the same job title as our current one.  Maybe we need to call someone we know and trust and ask for help. Ask someone to look out for us if they know of a job that comes open that fits our skill sets.

We need to stop panicking. The universe knows how we are feeling and what we need.

In order to get out of slavery you have to break free.

Break Free. 

Think Differently.