Four years of abuse, name calling, threatening, lying, blaming and I can go on and on. I went to the EEOC on my manager and even called the police on him for beating his wife in the store. I had to babysit his little daughter while working.

Now there’s a new manager and I had to put up with name calling, back stabbing, prison mentality, incompetence and ignorance. I can go on and on.

It’s taken me to the point of drinking and I’ve lost so much self-esteem.

~Worker Living in OHIO

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

respect others


This is what is happening in the workplace today. Abuse.

Not having a basic level of respect for one another.   Thinking it is okay to abuse one another.

Regardless of if you are a manager or not, today when you walk pass your employees/co-workers greet them and treat them with respect.  Just for today, focus on a basic level of respecting every coworker that you come in contact with. Even if it’s just a smile. Just a good morning or how’s it going greeting.  They are human, you are human. That’s it. 

Just think, if you and you and you and all of us reading this today treated every coworker we meet with respect what could happen…respectful workplaces where people want to be and want to contribute their talents and time.