I’m not using the skills I’ve gained through my degree. 

There is no room for growth and I’m not learning anything.

Living in this city is making me depressed and anxious.

~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM

pick a path

Some of us have one, two, even three degrees.  Some of our degrees are recent and some are more than 10 years old. It took a lot of our time, commitment and money to get our degrees; but having this degree or that one only guarantees us of one thing – that we have this degree or that one.  It does not guarantee us that we will get a job where we will use our degree.  For that matter it does not even guarantee us that we will get a job.

Don’t get stuck thinking you have to do something related to your degree.  

All you really want is to do your life’s work.  The work you are meant to do.  That might not have a thing in the world to do with your degree.

Just move towards getting in alignment with your highest skills, greatest talents and your interests.  That is what is going to fulfill you and allow you to give yourself to the world. 

Just for today…forget about those degrees and think about doing something fulfilling and meaningful.