Well, where do I start? 

There are legal issues, personal health issues, and a terrible boss.

I’m young and my health is declining. 

I have no time to actually have a life. Corporate America is killing me.

~Worker Living in Connecticut

Rules of life

If you are in Corporate America; or even if you’re not in America and in a corporate environment; you need to ask yourself if this is where you need to stay.  

You might not be able to leave tomorrow or in two weeks; but is the corporate environment the right fit for you?  It might sound good to tell people where you work and what you do, but is it working for YOU? 

Even if it’s not a corporation, is the type of place where you are working the right fit?  Can you be honest with yourself? Can you even take the time to think about these questions or is it safer to just continue on and not reflect?