Headaches and being ill from stress doesn’t allow me to be able to decide what to do next. 

Emotional stress clouds my judgment.

~Worker Living in the United Kingdom

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

happy place

Today, ask yourself if  you are in a healthy emotional state.  Can you make good decisions about your career in your current state or is your judgment clouded by emotional stress? 

If you are not in a good place then you need to figure out three things that you can do to help you relieve this stress.  They could be “small” yet helpful things that you enjoy doing and will take the pressure off.  You  could go for a walk, exercise, meditate, or do something creative; such as write, draw, or cook.

Go back to your list you made on January 1st.

Make yourself do something today that you may not feel like doing but you know will help relieve this stress and help you clear the air. 

If you are in a good place today then you need to just take a second to ask yourself – what do I need to do next? Then you need to wait for the answer and proceed when ready.