People are dumb. I do not want to become like them or my managers.

No one talks to me.

Engineering is my soul.

No one is happy there anyway.

I take on too many remedial tasks.

No growth for 3 years. Not learning anymore.

I think I was happier and more hopeful when I was unemployed.

No one looks at me anymore.

~Worker Living in CALIFORNIA

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

Choose To Be Happy

Today BE happy and hopeful, even if you are miserable because of your job. 

We all just want to be happy and hopeful. That is not too much to ask.   

Today, just ask for happiness and hope.   

(Okay, if you don’t think you can be happy, click on the above and pretend like this is your last day on your current job and you are going to wake up in the morning doing what you are meant to do…just pretend…then realize you can “feel” like that right now, this minute BEFORE things change.)

Happiness is a CHOICE!