I’ve been in the field of insurance marketing management for the last 8 years and in insurance for 18 yrs.

It’s becoming hard to continue as I haven’t been on any vacation in 8 years and I’m doing the same job April to March repeatedly.

This year I have been unable to perform properly due to personal and new job related problems. My performance graph is constantly going down.

~Worker Living in INDIA

passion job

Today, think about your next vacation.  This is not a joke, really, think about your next vacation.  In all honesty when will you be able to take a vacation?  A real vacation. A one week vacation at a minimum.

If you stay in your current job will you be able to take a vacation this year? What about next year?   What will happen while you are on vacation? What about when you get back from vacation? 

Do you have a job where you can take a vacation? A job where there is enough money coming in for a vacation? A job where you don’t  have to worry while you are gone or when you came back off of vacation about your job and the workload.  

What if you had a job that felt like you were always on vacation?  Today,  think about vacationing.