I am not passionate about my job.   I feel I am so stressed and I don’t have any energy left for my kids and me. 

I feel bad every morning getting out of bed.

It’s horrible when I have to pretend the kids are fine, when no activities are done and their grades are not that great. It just sucks the energy out of me rather than boost my spirit to deal with other things.

~Worker Living in EGYPT

love purpose hope

Today, make yourself dedicate at least thirty minutes to your family, your children, your spouse, or someone that you love.  You may not be able to do this every day, but TODAY make an effort to really be present and there for someone that you love. 

You could be totally stressed out from work, but focus in on someone who is important to you and spend quality time with them.  It will help you remember what is really important in life…family and loved ones.