I wake up every morning dreading work. I have only been in my job for three months, but these three months have been the longest, most painful months in my life.

I only took this job because I needed a paycheck.

At this moment in time I would happily take an office job of sitting behind a desk rather than doing the job that I do now.

~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

more than a paycheck

We are all in the same boat: we are trying to find a way to live.  We need to eat, we need a roof over our heads, we need to pay our bills, and we want to be entertained from time to time. We typically get most of those things with a job and a paycheck.

Most of us are chasing a paycheck, but what happens when chasing that paycheck disturbs your peace of mind? You will find yourself in emotional pain and distress.

Action: Find a way to print out your last paycheck. Take a look at that paycheck.  Take a good long hard look at your paycheck.

Now, ask yourself if it is worth what you went through to get that paycheck and just how much longer you can go through this FOR A PAYCHECK.

Print it out. Look at the date. Look at your name.  Look at the amount.  Look at it and ponder what it all means….that paycheck.