I have been stuck in an industry that has really gone down the drain in the last few years. I just left my last job for a new one in the same industry, and it’s even worse than the last one and the one before it. Even in higher-up positions in this industry, you still do a lot of really menial, pointless tasks, and there is no joy or fulfillment.

Me and my boss’s management styles are completely opposite, and I am tired of working for someone else and being under someone else’s boot. I know that I won’t be able to make a difference since what I am allowed to do is very limited by my boss’s very narrow vision.

This is also not my passion anymore, and I need to be passionate about my work to enjoy that part of my life. I can’t look for another job right now since I am constantly exhausted from my long commute and pointless days in the office.

I really don’t believe that I will end up in a better situation if I look for another job right now considering the state that I am in.

I need to quit and try out a few ideas for a new career that I have in mind for myself, and that takes time that I don’t currently have. 

~Worker Living in MASSACHUSSETS

thomas edison

Today, take a look at the industry that you are in.  Is it growing or is it dying?  What has changed and what will probably be changing in the next 5-10 years in this industry?

If you don’t know the answers right off  then research the industry.   Be honest with yourself (even if it is a thriving industry) and ask if you want to continue in this industry.

Do you care about the industry? 

Note:  If you have to research the industry you probably don’t care about it very much.  If you cared you’d already be well steeped in what is going on.  Just be honest with yourself about this one particular industry.