I hate it. I wake up every day mad because I have to work that job.

It’s a cancer in my life and future.

~Worker Living in OHIO

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

Seek Your Passion

You can make a change.

You can remove the chronic job stress that is like a cancer in your life. 

If you have identified that your job is like a cancer in your life – you can remove it and heal yourself with work that does not cause you pain.


After more than two years of reading and meditating on the survey entries I believe chronic job stress CJS (that’s what I call this phenomena that is happening across the globe) is like a cancer.  It is slowly killing people from the inside out.  

Thinking of it that way – like a cancer –  I am pondering:

1. what is the treatment for CJS?

2. how do we give CJS sufferers empathy or at least sympathy and understanding?

3. how do we give CJS sufferers support?


I feel like I am coming full circle with this blog post. I don’t know why, but it feels like puzzle pieces are coming together. When I started this blog I had the dandelion theme, let go to let come from Theory U, the tag line (for individuals, organizations and countries) came while I was in a conscious dance class (countries??? it just kept coming back that countries would be impacted by the work I needed to do) and now all the people who are painfully employed feeling like their jobs are a cancer in their lives. Something new is being born…just waiting for this new thing to be born from all of these bits and pieces over the past few years…