I am not doing quality work and I am not challenged.

Career growth is not an option here and my past performance reviews will prevent me from being seen as the qualified employee that I know I am.

~Worker Living in CALIFORNIA

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be excellent

How many organizations out there have comprehensive performance review systems?   Don’t we all do the same things every year?  We look at the previous year’s performance review, look over our calendars or try to remember some of our accomplishments to make this year’s pre-eval sound like we actually accomplished something. 

Even if there isn’t the opportunity for employees to do a pre-eval; the boss is just looking at your previous review and trying to remember what you did especially good or horribly bad over the year.

Most employees know that performance reviews are subjective and a lot depends on if your boss likes you. It’s not like that everywhere of course, but many places. 

Action: Assess your own performance where you work.  Are you wasting your time? Are you growing? Are you learning? Are you contributing? And the final question is: Do you know the vision of the place you work?  Not the mission statement, but where it wants to go? If you don’t know the vision how can you be sure you want to continue to perform and go where this place will take you in the future?