I worry so much about my job that I can’t sleep. I feel so worried and stressed I’ve lost my appetite and I can’t even sleep because my hands and body feel like they are burning. They were so bad I went to the doctor and had my blood tested for many reasons, and everything came back negative. They told me it was from stress.

My body burns so much that I cry at night.

When I got my job there was little training and my boss had a heart attack, so I ended up on the spot with all these orders and little experience, but I pulled through. Yet after pulling through and being proud of myself my boss comes back from recovery and only pinpoints what I did wrong.

With little training I felt so depressed and upset. I must add that the job I entered is a family business and they are making it extremely hard to make me feel like part of the family.

I am so stressed and depressed it has also made me feel like dying because there is no way out of it. I have highly considered quitting but money seems to get to me.

~Worker Living in CANADA

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

just live

There is no way around it – stress and depression is painful. 

Our body will tell us if we are under too much stress.  Our mind will tell us if we are in a depressed condition.

Listen to your body and your mind.

Action: If today we are so stressed and depressed that we are having suicidal thoughts seek help.


If things are serious and you need help below are U.S. and Int’l Crisis Hotlines:

Living in the U.S.


(Remember…the world needs you to make it through this…so you can tell your story of courage, endurance and transformation from this experience.   You will make…if you are in a deep depression and need help…talk to someone today).