Management is treating me with no dignity. For their amusement, they made me clean all four bathrooms and when I was cleaning them, I realized how degrading my job is.  At that moment I planned to quit.

~Worker living in CANADA

Hope is a good thing

You cannot “Just Quit” your job unless you go through Step 1

Sometimes it seems like a very long process to get to Step 1, but in all honesty it happens in a flash.  There is that one moment when you realize that you can DECIDE to “Just Quit”. 

In one moment you realize that this is your life and if you don’t take control of it then who will? In one moment you can feel the power of ‘knowing’ what you need to do. 

If that moment hasn’t come for you, don’t rush it, wait patiently to see if and when it shows up.  Just wait.