I feel stuck with no more growth prospects, nothing new to learn and incompetent colleagues that I cannot learn anything new from.

~Worker Living in LEBANON

keep learning

Part of being a responsible adult is to continuously learn.

We should never stop learning.  Sometimes we have to make learning opportunities for ourselves.  If we have learned everything there is to learn at this job and around these people, then we need to figure out a way to get beyond this job and these people.

We need to take control of our mind and our time. Most of us have smart phones or some form of electronic device where we can find information or go on line and take free online classes from some of the top universities.  Don’t let this job, or the people you work with limit your potential.

Take action today and learn something you want to learn.


Below are links to “free” quality education and information.  Use the internet to learn…EVEN if you can’t afford college, don’t have time, etc. etc…no more excuses…

Coursera – Free Online Courses From Top Universities

EdX – Free Online Courses From The World’s Best Universities

Khan Academy – A Place For You To Learn Anything (use this site for yourself, your children and grandchildren)